How to Treat a Cold with Chinese Medicine

It’s now the middle of October and the temperature all over China is…dropping! We are getting closer and closer to winter. A kind reminder to all of our users: please leave a jacket in your office or bring a scarf with you in case you are “underdressed” and don’t have enough layers on for the day. And if unfortunately you fall short and catch a cold, Ringy wants make sure you know how to treat it with Chinese Medicine.


[Solutions & Facts] The Most-Asked on Ringy: Volume Five

We decide to start a column to share the solutions we’ve found for our users so far, with everybody.
Starting from this week, we’ve decided to add fact-finding to this column. The purpose is to share some of the useful information we’ve learned from helping expats through their day-to-day lives!1. Who’s calling? 2. Time for a haircut? 3. Holiday’s around the corner, how should I plan my trip in China?


What Is a “Holiday” for a Chinese Person?

National holiday is approaching, many of you might be wondering what it would be like to travel with a Chinese person. Traveling with a Chinese person would surely offer a new kind of cultural experience. Let’s examine some general differences you might discover.