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Using Hoober and Clark’s study of how thumbs interact on devices, I performed user testing on wireframes that varied the location of design elements. My tests ran with navigation elements on the top and bottom of the screen, cards with buttons in different locations, and gesture areas outside and inside the thumb zone.

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How to Treat a Cold with Chinese Medicine

It’s now the middle of October and the temperature all over China is…dropping! We are getting closer and closer to winter. A kind reminder to all of our users: please leave a jacket in your office or bring a scarf with you in case you are “underdressed” and don’t have enough layers on for the day. And if unfortunately you fall short and catch a cold, Ringy wants make sure you know how to treat it with Chinese Medicine.

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[Solutions & Facts] The Most-Asked on Ringy: Volume Five

We decide to start a column to share the solutions we’ve found for our users so far, with everybody.
Starting from this week, we’ve decided to add fact-finding to this column. The purpose is to share some of the useful information we’ve learned from helping expats through their day-to-day lives!1. Who’s calling? 2. Time for a haircut? 3. Holiday’s around the corner, how should I plan my trip in China?

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What Is a “Holiday” for a Chinese Person?

National holiday is approaching, many of you might be wondering what it would be like to travel with a Chinese person. Traveling with a Chinese person would surely offer a new kind of cultural experience. Let’s examine some general differences you might discover.

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What they say

John Graham
Shenzhen, Fitness Professional

“With a speedy, polite & extremely helpful team, there's nothing not to like about Ringy! Numerous times I've asked for directions to places , advice on hotel options and so much more and ...

Michelle Wongsy
Shanghai, Freelancer

“Ringy has came to my rescue a few times now with their translation services. With a prompt, polite & extremely helpful team, there's nothing to not like about Ringy!What I also love ...

Glen Loveland
Beijing, HR

“Ringy offers so much for expats living in China. I've had lifesaving translations, information about living in China and even cultural questions answered! I cannot convey how appreciative I am to the Ringy team!”

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